Upgrading my sales and marketing…

This site is mainly for myself - Ryan Nagy to think out loud and organize some projects. But hey - feel free to look around and see what I am up to.

I am in the process of switching my feldenkrais products and membership site away from e-Junkie and S2member to create a more modern sales and marketing system.

The two systems that I am integrating are SamCart and Deadline funnels (for sales and marketing).

Started a 90-day trial of SamCart and a 14-day trial of Deadline Funnel on September 6th, 2019. I started updating the current page on September 10th, 2019. Get cracking man!

Change from S2member or not...

September 16th, 2019. Rather than switch from s2member as I mention below, why not simply do a "get a weekly Feldenkrais session" and deliver it with Aweber? I could set-up the recurring product in SamCart and then add folks to an Aweber list that sends them the monthly session...

And - soon - I will change from s2member to one of the wordpress membership plugins supported by SamCart, namely; Wishlist Member, Digital Access Pass, MemberMouse or OptimizeMember.

Contacted Krum, he might be a good resource. Krum gave me the idea of sticking with S2Member and making it play nice with SamCart. Perhaps. But for now, I need to keep creating my funnels in SamCart. And I will start by re-watching and implementing the process in this video:

SamCart/Facebook Conversion Pixel

Yesterday began the process of integrating the Facebook marketing pixel into SamCart. It is SOOOOO much easier than E-Junkie and will give more specific information.



How to set-up Facebook Ads with Samcart to track sales & conversions in 2019 (medium.com article)

SamCart and Zapier

Learning about SamCart + WP Membership plugin integration led to me take another look at Zapier. I am logging into my Zapier account now.

Integrating SamCart with Zapier (help article).

Zapier-Deadline Funnel

create a unique deadline on Deadline Funnel for each subscriber when they opt in to your AWeber list, letting you control their access easily.

*Note: This integration doesn't create deadlines for already subscribed leads in AWeber - only for new subscribers after you've set it up.

Deadline Funnel

Jack Born on the basic concepts behind integrating DF with an email series:



  1. Ryan went to sign up for course on selling on-line put in info on my credit card
    and your system wanted paypal and would not move through or accept c/c?
    let me know how to overcome this please.


    1. Patricia – Sorry for the issue registering. Paypal does a good job of hiding the fact that they accept credit cards…

      After you click the button to purchase the webinar and get redirected to the payment page, look to the button right under the paypal login. There is some text that will read:

      Pay with your debit or credit card, or with Bill Me LaterĀ®


      Don’t have a Paypal Account?

      Click the link and a screen will come up where you can use your credit card. Paypal processes the order, but you don’t have to have a Paypal account.

      I hope that helps! Look forward to seeing you on the webinar.


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