Vimeo vs YouTube for VSL and Course Videos

For my purposes, Vimeo is a much better option than YouTube for hosting my video sales letter and various course videos and such. The primary reason is that Vimeo gives me more control. It is much easier to autoplay and to choose what video controls that I want to use and where the video can be posted. And YouTube now puts those ugly suggested video thumbnails after each video which is highly distracted. Vimeo all the way for me now. (I do pay $9.99 for some upgrade - Vimeo Pro, I believe it is called).

YouTube Ads

1. Create a short video that you want to use as an ad, say for the 5-Day Feldenkrais Discovery Challenge.

2. Upload the video to YouTube.
3. Go to adwords to decide where to place your ad. You can have it run BEFORE selected videos or on the homepage of YouTube as a sponsored result or thumbnail.

1) Automatically played before other YouTube videos
Best for driving traffic to an external website

2) Placed as a thumbnail next to related videos or on the YouTube homepage
Best for driving traffic to the ad's watch page.

Note: You have been focusing on process, not results.

Post for who you want to attract…

Write blog posts and content specifically designed for the people that

1) you want to attract...or..
2) the people who you can help with your specific product or offering.

That means you do not write some general blog post about how great your method is, nor about the politics in your community nor some abstract ideas (unless your customers want that) but rather specifically about how what you are doing/selling can specifically help someone transform themselves and get where THEY want to go.

You want to be:

1) Ultra-relevant to what they want and need.
2) Intimate. You want them to feel like they know you and who you are.

Ryan’s Webinars Blog….

Not much on the blog just yet, I am putting most of my effort on the main site. Cheers! - Ryan Nagy

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