(Enroll) Selling on iTunes, Amazon and Beyond!

This webinar will recorded and will be about an hour long. It will give you an overview of how you can, as a therapist, sell products online, even if you are "technopeasant" and completely new to selling online. We will cover some of the easiest products to create and I will talk a bit about how you can create audio products.

Have you ever considered selling products via iTunes, Amazon and perhaps your own website?

It takes a bit of work, but it easier than you might think. You can create and sell your own audio downloads, ebooks, even CD's and physical books. And you can do so without the hassle of learning programming, complicated online systems or even knowing much of anything about selling online.

I currently sell 3 downloadable audio products on iTunes and Amazon and about 8 or 9 products on my various websites. I created them all with free or low-cost software and sell them with a system that only costs $5.00 per month. I have certainly not gotten rich from selling my products online, but I make $650 to $800 each and every month and the income comes automatically into my accounts...and the deliver of my products is automatic. There are months when I literally do nothing to make money online - it all comes in automatically. Literally. I don't ship, I don't go to the bank, I don't answer phone calls. Every so often (perhaps once or twice per year) I have to give a refund. And I do answer the occasional email from someone wanting more information, but overall I have a turnkey system. This is even more true with iTunes and Amazon who literally do ALL the work once the products are in their store. However, the pay and profit is much less.

Interested? Click the "Enroll Now" button below. The webinar will be just like the video above, except you will be seeing my computer screen and you can ask questions of me via chat. If you miss the webinar, do not worry, the entire video will be posted online where you can easily watch it.

Learn how to sell on iTune, Amazon and your own website and how to do so quickly and easily.

The Webinar is on Thursday, April 4th at 5:00 p.m. Central (3 Pacific and 6 Eastern). You will get an email reminder


As you may already know, I always offer a 100% Guarantee on my products.

"No Questions Asked" refund policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, contact me for a full-refund up to 62 days after purchase.

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